Industrial and Organizational Psychology Career and Job Outlook



IO Psychology  career outlook

The Industrial and Organizational Psychology online program at The Chicago School will prepare you for any number of dynamic and personally fulfilling career opportunities. Opportunities that beyond full-time employment with a leading organization also include being able to embark on a successful, independent career as a business consultant. Whatever your goals, as a graduate from The Chicago School you’ll have the knowledge and credentials needed to fulfill them.

Career Overview

Studies continue to show that the field of psychology is growing faster than ever. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, I/O Psychology positions are expected to increase by 26% from 2008 to 20181- which means that career opportunities in the field of I/O Psychology should continue to increase. In fact, as more and more corporations and whole industries discover the value of I/O Psychology professionals, demand will likely outweigh supply. Putting experienced I/O Psychology professionals in high demand. 


The following is based on 2009 data as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology:

• Industrial/Organizational Psychology practitioners can improve their advancement opportunities by earning an advanced degree and by participation in continuing education. 
• Mean annual starting salary for I/O Psychology professionals with a master’s degree is $56,7942.
• Industrial/Organizational Psychology practitioners with a master’s as their highest degree earned a mean salary of $117,670 when working in business and management, while those working in academia reported a mean annual income of $70,0122.

Choose Your Field

All types of organizations use industrial/organizational psychology to promote and improve performance, offering opportunities in a wide variety of fields and industries.


In healthcare, use your I/O Psychology expertise in leadership positions to improve the quality of care. Some potential titles include Manager of Patient Services, Nursing Home Administrator, and Outpatient Services Director. Depending on your background in the industry, you may also qualify for positions as a Director of Nursing, Nursing Supervisor or Critical Care Director.


In Marketing and Sales, understanding customer behavior and habits is vital. Expertise in I/O Psychology can be a major advantage in positions such as Marketing Manager, Director of Sales, Market Research Analyst, Social Media Marketing Manager or Sales Consultant.


One of the most obvious areas for the application of I/O psychology principles and practices is in human resources and diversity. Potential titles include Director of Human Capital, HR Generalist, Customer Service Trainer, Diversity Manager, Employee Relations and Organizational Development Manager.

Many companies look to I/O psychology experts to improve organizational effectiveness in general. Examples of job titles in this area include Business Intelligence Specialist, Director of Business Development, and Logistics Director. You could also offer your services as a consultant in this field.


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