Online Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Applied Research Project Track Program: Putting You in the Business of Success


industrial psychologyInspired to succeed, students of Industrial and Organizational Psychology share a strong interest in psychology as well as business. They are established professionals who are ready for new career challenges in occupations where they can apply psychological principles to real-world settings. In the process, they impact not only countless individuals, but entire organizations.

Basically, they are individuals like you who, though they may lead complicated lives, are eager to embrace the many opportunities a new degree in the growing field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology affords them.


Field of Opportunity: Industrial and Organizational Psychology


In a time when business is swayed by one trend or another, one thing remains fixed: employees are an organization’s most valuable assets. For this reason, more and more organizations are looking for highly qualified Industrial and Organizational psychology practitioners to help them increase employee effectiveness and promote success throughout their enterprises. Give yourself a competitive edge by focusing in one of The Chicago School's Special Areas of Interest.

At The Chicago School, you will receive the tools and credentials necessary to excel in this growing field. Through our online Master’s in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology, you will learn the strategies vital to helping individuals and entire organizations succeed. The competency model of the I/O Psychology Program is based on the guidelines published by Division 13 (Consulting Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. 

Challenging. Dynamic. Meaningful. That is what a career in I/O Psychology is. If this highly sought-after career excites you, call 866-907-4209 or request more information today. And see for yourself how The Chicago School of Professional Psychology can help you Transform Yourself, Transform Your World.

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