Online MA in Forensic Psychology: Non-Licensure Track


A situation can turn critical at any moment. Be prepared with your online M.A. in Forensic Psychology: Non-Licensure Track degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The knowledge gained through this advanced credential can be the determining factor in cases of crime prevention, trial consultation, substance abuse, case management, and trauma and crisis intervention. Through this program you’ll obtain the skills required to better understand mental illness and successfully navigate crisis situations in the forensic arena, mental health law, or by serving as a community liaison among legal, law enforcement and social service agencies. In as little as 20 months, you’ll learn the skills necessary to gain control of a variety of situations and guide them to a peaceful resolution.

Through this program, you’ll learn the skills needed to:

  • Develop and maintain effective professional relationships with consumers, peers, supervisors, faculty, and other professionals.
  • Evaluate various dimensions of human experience, outcomes of interventions, and psycholegal issues.
  • Understand research methods in the social and behavioral sciences, the benefits and limitations of research, and the scientific and professional literature relevant to the field of forensic psychology.
  • Respect individual and group differences as well as practice with cultural competence.
  • Organize professional activities by ethical and professional codes, standards, and guidelines; statutes, rules, and regulations; and relevant case law.
  • Guide interventions and promote optimal mental health and well-being.

The required Applied Research Project (ARP) also provides students with an opportunity to perform detailed research in an area of forensic psychology. This research is invaluable for those interested in continuing their education through a doctoral degree program. The M.A. in Forensic Psychology: Non-Licensure Track is taught by renowned experts in their fields, and delivers the same rigorous, world-class education for which The Chicago School is renowned.

Choose Your Special Area of Interest (Guided Electives)

Explore specific areas of interest in forensic psychology by choosing the guided electives that cater to them. The narrower you focus, the greater depth of knowledge you can attain. These guided electives are not concentrations, but will help students focus on their area of interest.

Special Areas of Interest (Guided Electives) include:

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